Here's how My Memoir works

My Memoir organises your story in a book-like interactive interface and enables you to write your story privately & share with your family and friends in a secure environment.

Getting started is easy. Create a chapter, add a page and start writing. A default memoir is created for you with a chapter and a page upon registration. Optionally, you can add subtitle and synopsis for the chapter, text-prompt and Instagram image-prompt.

You can use text-prompt provided from the default collection, write your own or mix-'n-match to inspire your story. Attach a photo from your Instagram collection as an image-prompt to jog your visual memory.

Write and easily access the synopsis for individual chapters to keep your story on track. Each chapter allows multiple page creation to create and sort scenes of your story. Both Chapters and Pages are sortable in case you need to rearrange events timeline.

My Memoir platform also allows you to set word target for each pages to enable your chapter word-count under control. Word statistics shows remaining and excess words against the set the target.

See these features in action below.

Prompts, Synopsis, Pages and Photo

Reorder Chapters

Reorder Pages

Set Target