About My Memoir

Late last year, we started building an online platform called "My Memoir”, which enables people to write their story privately and share with your family and friends in a secure environment. After going through the initial concept and building the prototype, we are now inviting you to use it and provide your feedback to make it even better.

Initially few people asked us why we were building such a platform and the answer to that is, because we strongly believe that everyone has a unique life story to tell.

The challenges in life are often intricate in nature, affect us in more than one way and ultimately shape us who we are. Some of us will be able to stop and look back at some point in life and tell the riveting stories to our kids and loved ones, but not everyone gets this opportunity and eventually, their stories gets lost with them.

Writing about your experience helps you in a most profound way. These life-stories can be about your professional work-life, specific portion of your childhood or adolescent experience, a love story or time spent living abroad even.

Reminiscing about some of the painful experiences can be difficult without a doubt, but they can help heal the trauma-wounds of various nature; be it domestic violence, battle with illness, addiction, bullying or homelessness to name a few.

How we navigate, survive and challenge the world around us, binds us together. Your story is yours after all and nobody else can tell it better than you. Through My Memoir, we would like you to tell your personal narrative in your own true words.

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